Froggy 104 Birthday Wheel Contest Rules

CONTEST NAME: “FROGGY 104 Birthday Wheel Contest Rules” SPECIFIC CONTEST RULES Effective 3/19/2018-4/20/2018 Participating Radio Station(s)/Website Address(s)/Studio Address(s): WOGY-FM – – 122 Radio Road,...Read More

Jackson’s Got Talent RULES

CONTEST NAME: “JACKSON’S GOT TALENT” SPECIFIC CONTEST RULES Effective 1/23/18 to 4/3/18 WHHG/ Radio Rd. Jackson TN 38301/731-427-3316 WOGY/ Radio Rd. Jackson TN 38301/731-427-3316...Read More

Sara Evans Text Contest Rules

CONTEST NAME: “Sara Evans Text Contest Rules” SPECIFIC CONTEST RULES Effective 12:00pm on September 13 through 11:59pm on October 1, 2017 Participating Radio Station(s) WOGY...Read More

General Contest Rules

GENERAL CONTEST RULES For those Radio Stations operated by: Forever Communications, Inc. and its affiliates “Forever” Revised and Effective 4/11/2016 Please refer to Specific...Read More